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“Evince Purity in Natural Fabric Cotton clothing with various designs.”

Our Story

A. Celebrating Indian Fashion

At Rachyati, we hold a deep reverence for the vibrant tapestry of Indian fashion. Our story is woven with threads of tradition, each garment a testament to the timeless beauty that India’s textile heritage offers. We celebrate the artistry, craftsmanship, and diversity that define Indian fashion.

B. Passion and Commitment

Passion fuels our journey, and commitment sustains it. Our team at Rachyati is driven by an unwavering dedication to preserving and advancing the legacy of Indian textiles. We pour our hearts into every piece, ensuring that each garment carries with it a piece of our collective devotion to this craft.

Crafting Excellence

Every stitch at Rachyati tells a story. Our artisans pour their skill, creativity, and attention to detail into crafting each garment. We take pride in the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every piece, ensuring that it not only looks beautiful but also feels special to wear.

Our commitment to crafting excellence extends to empowering the artisans behind each creation. By collaborating with skilled, small-scale, home-based artisans from regions rich in textile tradition, we not only create stunning garments but also support livelihoods and preserve valuable craftsmanship.

At Rachyati, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing—it’s a statement of your unique style. Our mission is to provide you with a canvas to express yourself boldly, confidently, and authentically. We’re here to support you in creating a style that is unmistakably yours.

Fashion with Comfort

A. Your Confidence, Our Priority

Confidence is the cornerstone of true style. At Rachyati, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear. That’s why we prioritize not only style but also the ease with which you carry it. Our garments are designed to boost your confidence and let your inner radiance shine.

B. Explore Our Collection

Dive into our collection and discover a world where fashion meets comfort seamlessly. From everyday wear to special occasions, each piece is thoughtfully designed to enhance your comfort without compromising on style. Explore a range of options that cater to your unique preferences and occasions.

Our Vision

Rachyati Clothing’s vision is a textile industry that doesn’t delay ecological harm and positively affects the people and networks related to its activities. Rachyati like to create traditional dresses for women like designer kurtas, top wear, and bottom wear, Festive printed wear Kurtis intended for people resounding the message of made in India.

Our Values

Rachyati is India’s top online store for the finest in ethically-sourced natural fabrics. We have a wide range of designs for handmade products online like Handmade embroidery dresses, Khadi cotton shirts, Indian ethnic wear, and sustainable clothing, including Kurtis, gowns, dress materials, cotton natural fiber clothing, ikat fabrics, and more.

  • Be honest and transparent.
  • Be genuine.
  • Be enthusiastic about your work.
  • Inspire our clients
  • Make a positive difference

What We Are?

Rachyati - The Perfect Online Store for Women

We are an online store that offers curated products and services that are things you need in life, like clothes. We bring you the latest and trending fashion trends, with a curated collection of women’s clothing at your fingertips at the best prices.

Shop for the Latest Women Wear Online

At Rachyati, we believe you should dress to impress without breaking the bank. That’s why we offer high-quality fashion inspired by celebrity style at affordable prices. Shop new styles every day or find what you’re looking for with our filters.

Indulge Your Style and Inspire others at Rachyati

With our easy-to-use interface, you can shop at your convenience with just a few clicks of a button. Shop on the go with our website, and browse from anywhere with desktop access, so you never have to miss out on what’s hot and new for your wardrobe.

Shop Faster than ever before at Rachyati
  • Rachyati is an online shopping site for women in India. The website offers curated collections of lifestyles and fashion brands. The aim is to make shopping is a hassle-free experience for women.
  • Is it so hard to find what you’re looking for? We make it easy by offering filter options that allow you to quickly find what you need. Find a specific brand color or price range with just a few clicks. Shopping on Rachyati is fast, easy, and convenient!
  • Rachyati is an online shopping destination exclusively for women, focusing on providing them with personalization and convenience!
Buy Natural Cotton Tops and dresses for women in India
  • Cotton is the most affordable natural fiber and is considered one of the most versatile. The cotton tops material for women can be dyed in a variety of colors, making it a perfect textile for a world where fashion changes as quickly as the weather.
  • Cotton Tops for Women made in India will provide you with the elegant and sophisticated look that you have been looking for. The cotton material can be dyed in a variety of colors, making it a perfect textile for a world where fashion changes as quickly as the weather.
  • Cotton Dresses for women are incredibly versatile and can be styled in so many different ways. a cotton dress for work, weekend brunch, or use a casual day out.
  • Shop for all your favorite printed tops, one-piece dresses, shorts, pant palazzo, shirts, skirts, and shirts from Rachyati. You’ll find exclusive designs like Festive Wear Kurta that are sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

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